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Watermelon, Sugar Baby

Citrullus lanatus var. Lanatus

Full Sun

76 Days to Harvest

2 plants per pot

2-3’ apart in rows 6’ apart (for 2 plants per pot)

1-2 Melons per plant (2-4 for a 2-plant pot)


The standard for northern “icebox watermelons” (think picnics). They are considered small or medium sized for watermelons, but are well suited for northern production, with our shorter growing season and cooler nights. Growing them in raised beds and with either black plastic mulch or black landscape fabric will help raise soil temperatures and increase production. You can tell a watermelon is ripe when the tendril nearest the fruit is browning or dead or when the spot where the melon rests on the ground is yellow, or the classic but often indecipherable tapping method and listening for the magic ‘plunk’ as opposed to ‘plink’.

Watermelon, Sugar Baby

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