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Thyme, English

Thymus vulgaris

Perennial (Zone 5)

Full to partial sun

6”-12” tall

6”-12” between plants


A classic culinary variety of thyme; thyme is a wonderful practical addition for your garden, kitchen, and medicine cabinet. English thyme has more tender stems and leaves than German Winter Thyme, but is less cold hardy. Easy to grow, and hard to kill, it can be used in a variety of ways. Everything from flavoring sauces, meat rubs, salad dressings, and herb sachets, its’ uses in the culinary and medicinal worlds have been employed throughout cultures and ages for its effectiveness.  Thyme has antiseptic qualities, and has been used for colds, camps, bronchial problems, intestinal problems, skin inflammation and sores, as well as an expectorant. 

Thyme, English

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