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San Marzano

Solanum lycopersicum



Full Sun

Shows some Late Blight Tolerance

80 Days to Harvest 

3.5” by 1.5” Fruit in Clusters

Plants 2’-3’ apart unstaked, 1’-2’ staked


A classic Italian canning and paste tomato that originated from Parma, Italy. They have great flavor and iconic blocky elongated fruits. The tomatoes peel easily, and have a very high solid content, so they cook down quickly for sauce. The fruit holds well on the vine and in storage.


Tomatoes grow best in rich fertile soil with regular water. Too much nitrogen will cause plants to put on lots of leaves but delay fruiting. Staking or caging allows closer spacing, helps keep fruit off the ground and away from a number of pests, and improves air flow, helping to keep disease pressure down. Pruning will also aid in air flow and help fruit ripen earlier.

San Marzano

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