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Cantaloupe, Sarah's Choice

Cucumis Melo


Full Sun

76 Days to Harvest 

Fruits Avg. 3 pounds

Plant 2’-3’ Apart in Rows 6’ Apart


Our selection, Sarah’s Choice, is an early ripening cantaloupe developed for shorter and cooler growing seasons. The melons are orange fleshed with a light netting and a sweet flavor. Melons like well drained soils, but don’t want to dry out at all until the fruit has set (at which point dryer conditions make for sweeter fruit). Be careful to disturb the roots as little as possible when transplanting. They also like consistently warm temperatures so benefit from raised beds, plastic mulch or landscaping fabric, and row covers. If you use row covers remove them  when the plants develop flowers. The fruits are ready to pick when the skin under the netting turns from green to light yellow. Tug or snip from the vine. Fruits will continue to ripen off the vine as well, so don’t worry too much if you accidentally pick one too early.


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