$4.00 or 3 for $10.00

Strawberry, Earliglow

Strawberry, Earliglow: Fragaria, Perennial: June-bearing: These are our earliest variety of June-bearing strawberries.  They are our favorite in terms of flavor!  The size of the berries in the beginning of the season are large but drops off as the season goes on, they produce over a wide window.  Transplant 12-18” apart in rows 3-4’ apart.  You can begin harvesting June bearing strawberries in the second year and continue harvesting for 3-4 years thereafter.   Mulch in late fall for winter protection.

$ 4.00 or 3 for $10.00

Strawberry, Jewel

Strawberry, Jewel: Fragaria, Perennial: June-bearing: These are our mid-season variety of June-bearing strawberries.  These plants are hardy and vigorous, with large firm berries and delicious strawberry flavor.  Great for Canning your own strawberry jam!   Transplant 12-18” apart in rows 3-4’ apart.  You can begin harvesting June bearing strawberries in the second year and continue harvesting for 3-4 years thereafter.   Mulch in late fall for winter protection.

$4.00 or 3 for $10.00

Strawberry, Seascape

Day Neutral: Ever bearing variety:  The Seascape strawberry plant produces very large, firm fruit which have good color and flavor when picked ripe.  They have a symmetric, medium to long conical berry with a glossy finish.  Great fresh or as strawberry daiquiris!

$15.00 for 1 gallon plant

Blackberry, Chester

Blackberry, Chester: Rubus Canadensis: Perennial:  This self-pollinating variety produces wonderfully large luscious blackberries that have sweet flavor but are firm in texture.  The fruit should begin producing early-mid august.  Great for a fresh eating blackberry or for inspired baking tarts, cakes, jams and jellies.  After planting you should be able to harvest fruit by next season.   Each plant can produce 10-20 lbs of fruit. Transplant 3’- 4’ apart. 

$30.00 / per PAIR in 1/2 gallon pots


Elderberry, Samdal & Samyl: Sambucas Nigra, Perennial:  We chose these two varieties due to their positive ability to cross pollinate with one another.  You need TWO elderberry varieties to glean fruit.  Elderberries have been renowned in New England for centuries for their immune boosting properties.  The plant loves nitrogen rich sites, but can grow almost anywhere that there is light.   An ancient healer, and a delicious contribution to your garden!  They should produce fruit by next season.  Transplant 3’-6’ apart. 

$12.00/ gallon, $10.00 1/2 gallon

Raspberry, Killarney

Raspberry, Killarney: Rubus spp. : Perennial: Our earliest bearing raspberry that is perfect for our climate due to its winter hardiness.  They produce tasty firm berries with beautiful red color.  Their canes are medium-sized and sturdy.  Fruit bears on second year wood – have raspberries in your garden by next season!

 Transplant 18-24” apart.  

$12.00/ gallon, $10.00 1/2 gallon

Raspberry, Taylor

Raspberry, Taylor: Rubus spp.: Perennial- Known for bearing some of the best flavored raspberries out there.  This variety should ripen end of July- early August  Highly recommended for the home gardener. They have firm, medium-sized berries.  Excellent for fresh eating as well as delicious kitchen concoctions.

Transplant 18-24” apart.  

$12.00/gallon, $10.00 1/2 gallon

Raspberry, Heritage

Raspberry, Taylor: Rubus spp.: Perennial- Our Fall bearing variety.  These medium-large berries are firm with excellent winter hardiness.  Once planted you will have fruit THIS year from end of August – October.  Fruit bears on first year canes.  One of the most popular raspberry varieties of farmers: consistent and delicious!

Transplant 18-24” apart.  

$15.00 1/2 gallon

Blueberry, Blue Crop

Blueberry, Blue Crop : Vaccinium corybosum:  Perennial:  These blueberries will grow in a wide variety of soil types.  Each bush will bear up to 20lbs of deliciously firm blue fruits.  Incredible constant yields with disease resistance.  Should bear good quality fruit throughout the season.  Fruit will begin to bear 1-2 years after transplanting. Transplant 4’-5’ apart.

$15.00 1/2 gallon

Blueberry: Duke

Blueberry, Duke : Vaccinium corybosum:  Perennial:  This berry will bloom late and bear early, avoiding most late frosts- very advantageous for this neck of the world. This variety is up-right and will grow up to 4’-6’ tall.  The fruit is firm and maintains its quality beautifully: wonderful for freezing.  The fruits themselves have a mildly sweet flavor with acidic undertones.  Transplant 4’-5’ apart.

$15.00 1/2 gallon

Blueberry, Jersey

Blueberry, Jersey : Vaccinium corybosum:  Perennial:  Our latest ripening variety that is easy to grow and yields a tremendous amount of delicious fruits.  One of the most popular varieties of blueberries out there!   Very tall and very sweet.  Will bear fruit 1-2  years after transplanting.  Transplant 4’-5’ apart. 

Wonderful for canned blueberries and blueberry syrup!

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