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Bachelor's Button, Blue Boy

Flower, Bachelor’s Button, Blue Boy: Centaurea cyanus: Annual- These little flowers are delightfully easy to grow, and will self-sow for delight in many years to come.  It’s a wonderful plant for garden beds as well as for cut flowers – it will last awhile after frost – perfect for fall flowering!  They are best cut when flowers are just about to open.  Set plants out in the garden 4-8” apart, the stalks can grow up to 3’ tall.

$ 4.00


Flower, Borage, Borago officinalis: Annual, also known as starflower, this herb is native to the Mediterranean region. It can remain in the garden from year to year by self-seeding.  It’s large plants bear many edible flowers, mostly blue and some pink.  Borage has a long harvest period, its’ showy flowers have a mild cucumber flavor for salads and garnishes. Borage can also be used as an emollient to soothe dry, inflamed, and irritated skin, and makes a wonderful tea for nursing mothers.  Leave 4-8” between plants when transplanting, plants will grow 2-3’ tall.

$ 4.oo

Butterfly Weed

Flower, Butterfly Weed: Asclepias tuberosa: Perennial- Also known as Pleurisy root, this flower is native to North America, and lasts wonderfully well in the North – from June to frost.   As their name suggests, these beautiful 5” wide flowers will attract butterflies to your garden and serve as a food source for Monarchs.  Transplant 18-24” apart they can grow as wide as 2’ X 2’.  The Native Americans used the root to sooth sores and wounds on skin and to combat lung and throat troubles.

$ 4.00



Flower, Calendula: Alpha: Calendula officinalis: Annual:  One of our absolute favorite additions to the garden!  This sunshine orange plant – that is delightfully easy to grow – can bring beauty, edibility, and medicinal use into your garden all at once! The flowers can be used as a garnish for salads or deserts- as well as dried, placed into some oil and transfigured into a wonderful medicinal salve.  These can grow 24-30” and should be transplant 8-12” apart. 


Cosmos, Picotee

Flower, Cosmos Picotee: Cosmos bipinnatus: Annual: A beautifully unique variety of cosmos.  Plants can grow 4’ tall with blooms 2-3” wide.  These plants can make a breathtaking rear border for gardens – due to their soaring height and delicate blooms.  These beauties can bring a burst of color into any garden scape.   They can grow in full or partial sun, and will bloom from Summer to Fall.  Set plants 9”-12” apart.


Dahlia, Harlequin

Flower, Dahlia, Harlequin: Dahlia x Hybrida: Annual- A perky mix of dahlias, these 1-2” little flowers will create a lovely vintage cottage garden look.  This joyful mix only grows 12-14” high, making it perfect for garden borders.  The blooms will last long, but old buds should be removed to encourage flowering.   They delight in full sun, but will also grow in partial sun.  They do well cut – and also will lure butterflies to your garden.  Transplant 12” apart. 

$ 4.00

Delphinium, Connecticut Yankee


Flower, Delphinium: Connecticut Yankee: Delphinium cultorum: Perennial- This is a beautiful mix of Delphinium, including lavender, blue and white flowers.  They are a shorter stalk than the better known varieties of Delphinium, growing only about 3’ tall – making them conducive to planting in spots with high winds.  These plants will thrive in partial shade – full sun.  These are wonderful colors to add to your garden, and make wonderful additions to your arrangements on your table as well. Transplant 24” apart.

$ 4.00

Echinacea, Purple Cone Flower


Flower, Echinacea Purple Cone Flower, Echinacea purpurea:  Perennial:

An easy to grow perennial that enjoys full sun to partial shade and a wonderful long blooming flower.

 This flower is also renowned for its healing powers, everything from curing colds to healing boils.  Transplant at 18-24” apart, these beautiful plants can easily grow 2’-4’ tall.


Lobelia, Crystal Palace

Flower, Lobelia, Crystal Palace: Lobelia erinus: Annual- A wonderful edging plant or ground cover that grows only 4” high – their lovely display should last from late spring into early fall.   These little plants are made all the more attractive by their love of cooler temperatures and partial shade.  The plants will spread – so leave at least 6” apart when transplanting. 

$ 4.00

Lupines, Russell Hybrids Mix

Flower, Lupine: Lupinus polyphyllus: Perennial- Mostly purple flowers with a mix  of magenta, white, and pink.   These beautiful flowers have a quicker bloom season from late spring into early summer, and will spread 12-16” in width.   These flowers are wonderful eye candy as well as attractants for butterflies and hummingbirds.  They enjoy cooler temperatures, and have the wonderful attribution of self seeding if the flowers are not trimmed back.  Transplant 18-24” apart.

$ 4.00

Marigold, Queen Sophia

Flower, Marigold, Queen Sophia: Tagetes patula: Annual-  These wonderfully traditional flowers are native to the Americas and will bloom through the summer and into fall, lasting until first frost.  The plants are bushy with blooms about 2” across.  These plants enjoy full sun and will grow to be 10-12” in height.  Transplant 8” apart.

$ 4.00/ 6 pack

Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue


Flower, Morning Glory: Clark’s Heavenly Blue: Ipomoea tricolor: Annual- These delicate blue flowers are hard to resist with their trellising tendencies.  These sun loving vines can climb up to 12’ high, and will delicately climb, walls, fences, buildings, and poles as an incredibly fetching accent to any garden.  The seeds, vines and flowers have been traditionally used as a way to connect with the spiritual world.  They will joyfully attract birds and butterflies into your garden.  Transplant 12” apart.


Nasturtium, Empress of India

Flower, Nasturtium: Empress of India: Tropaeolum majus: Annual- A beautifully deep and rich variety of Nasturtiums, these jewels will grow to be 14-16” in height.  The flowers are edible with a spicy sweet taste, and you can pickle the flower buds (after budding) for delicious caper – like flavor.  “They taste more like capers than capers”.  A surprisingly useful flower for the amount of beauty it adds to the garden.  These enjoy full sun and will bloom from mid-summer into early fall.  Plant 8-12” apart.


Nasturtium, Jewel Mix

Flower, Nasturtium, Jewel Mix: Tropaeolum majus: Annual- This colorful arrangement of Nasturtiums gives you the best of all worlds: ample color and ample edibility.   The flower heads can be stuffed with soft cheese as spectacular hors d’oeuvres.  The latin name of Nasturtium is translated into ‘Twisted Nose’, due to their peppery fragrance and taste.  These enjoy full sun and will bloom from mid-summer into early fall.  Plant 8-12” apart.


Nasturtium, Trailing

Flower, Nasturtium: Trailing: Tropaeolum majus: Annual- These little beauties will climb if you let them from 96-120”. They also do wonderfully well in hanging baskets, containers and even as ground covers.  They will bloom in a wonderful variety of colors from red to orange to yellow, and have edible flowers and flower buds to perk up any plate.  These enjoy full sun and will bloom from mid-summer into early fall.  Plant 8-12” apart.


Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun

Flower, Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun: Rudbeckia hirta: Annual-   These lovely golden flowers like full sun and good drainage and are also drought tolerant and very low maintenance to grow.  They are natural butterfly attractants and will grow to be about 2-3’ high and spread 1-2’ wide.  These make wonderful cut flowers as well as bursts of yellow in a alternately drab landscape! Transplant 15-18” apart.

$ 4.00

Sunflower, Little Becka

Flower, Sunflower, Little Becka: Helianthus annuus: Annual- Our one dwarf sunflower this season!  We chose this one for its eye catching delightfulness.  The flowers come early and in multitude- growing to be about 6” across on stalks only 2-3’ tall.  Like all our other sunflowers these enjoy full sun!  Great for borders or cutting.  Transplant 18” apart.

$ 4.00

Sunflower, Autumn Beauty

Flower, Sunflower, Autumn Beauty: Annual- A delightfully original sunflower with multiple branches – so you have more flowers for your 6’-8’ stalks!  A mix of flower petal colors that can bloom anywhere in the range of gold – orange-even purple. The blossoms will grow as large as 4-6” across, and will flower mid-summer through fall.  They will attract birds to your garden to nibble on the seeds.  Sunflowers delight in full sun and should be transplanted 12-18” apart.


Sunflower, Moulin Rouge

Flower, Sunflower, Moulin Rouge: Helianthus annuus: Annual- A darkly colored sunflower to offer wonderful contrast to your landscape. This branching variety will grow between 5’ and 6.5’.  The blossoms can grow from 4-7” across; a large deep shade to gaze upon.   These look wonderful in flower arrangements.  The birds will delight in their seeds, as can you yourself!  They should be transplanted 24” apart in full sun.


Sunflower, Soraya

Flower, Sunflower, Soraya: Helianthus annuus: Annual- These beautiful deep orange petals are like planting the sun directly into your garden patch and letting it grow there.  These plants have incredible productivity – they will grow to be about 6’ high with up to 25,  5” blooms per  plant.  These make the perfect cut sunflowers! They should be transplanted 24” apart in full sun.


Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde

Flower, Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde: Helianthus annuus: Annual- These flowers heads are wonderfully original in their aesthetic.   The petals can be a burgundy or soft prink with soft yellow tips.  The petals on these are edible with a bittersweet flavor.  They will grow to be about 6’ in height and will bloom for about 8 weeks.  They should be grown in full sun and transplanted 12” apart.


Wild Bergamot

Flower, Wild Bergamot: Monarda fistulosa: Perenial: These 3-4’ tall lavender colored flowers are both a pretty addition to your garden space as well as a traditionally used medicinal herb.  The leaves can be used to prepare teas that are wonderful for treating colds – especially during flu season.  This plant can also be used as a natural stimulant to improve digestion, and to externally calm skin eruptions.  Transplant 18-24” apart.

$ 4.00

Zinnia, Scarlet Flame

Flower, Zinnia: Scarlet Flame: Zinnia elegans: Annual- These 3’ tall scarlet blooms will transport your everyday garden into a little paradise. Easy to grow, Zinnias are thought to bring out playfulness in those who smell her sweet scent.  They can pop color into any blasé setting.  This variety has been traced back as far as 1934.  Transplant 12” apart. 

$ 4.00

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